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Dongguan City Shichuan Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was established in May 1, 2008, located in Dongguan City town. (KVM), integrated workstation instrumentation and reinforcement of the shell and a variety of sheet metal pieces of aluminum milling pieces of the production and processing, widely used in electricity, telecommunications, telecommunications, , Network, transportation, monitoring, military and other fields of system integrators and research institutes.
HPower Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 1, 2017, was established in the Asian financial center in Hong Kong, the special Technology Co., Ltd. under the Dongguan City Tachuan Hardware Products Co., Ltd., mainly for foreign trade groups set up business center.
Our company has a full range of sheet metal and aluminum milling equipment, professional engineering design staff, we adhering to the "no best, only better" "to provide customers with the system of custom design and processing services.
We have a team of professional and innovative design experience, professional design experience covers seven areas.
We offer one-stop industrial design solutions.
We have a reasonable allocation of resources, excellent work efficiency, considerate mode of operation, to solve all the problems you encounter.
We can meet the needs of customized customers according to the special needs of customers.
We focus on long-term cooperation, we help enterprises bigger and stronger.
Company to quality, service, efficiency,for the purpose we will carry forward the spirit of tenacious struggle, abide by the contract to ensure quality, to provide users with satisfactory, quality service, we sincerely with customers a wide range of exchanges and cooperation, mutual benefit, with Create brilliant, for the construction of the motherland to make new contributions.
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